Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bride of AT4W Live!

Linkara attends Youmacon 2012 and does a live show!

Following the live show, there was a Q&A! ‎


Beast said...

Marvel Apes was awesome!

I hope you really do go ahead with this in the Summer. Though honestly I would love a full review of the series and it's tie-ins by Linkara as well.

Best part of Marvel Apes was the return of The Gibbon in a heroic role, plus Monkey Speedball coming to the 616. And of course, Ape-X (Roy Reyna) being introduced.

InformationGeek said...

Thank you! You just explained perfectly my number one anger inducing complaint with this manga, the main character is a complete idoit! Does she constantly keeping forgetting all the crazy crap that happens to her and if so, HOW?! HOW DOES ONE FORGETTING ALL THIS S**T?! AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!

But anyways, nice review as always and I just wish you get invited to a convention near me.

MichaelJGleason said...

I would buy the Harvey Finevoice Christmas album.

Daniel T. Stack said...

Thank you for posting these so soon Linkara. Sorry I didn't spot them until after the election coverage I am following tonight already started. I will be watching both after the decision is out.

Frosty said...

Thank you for uploading the live videos! ^^

Wish I could go to one of these cons once.

LucasChad said...

If I was there during the manga review, I would've screamed my head off from the artwork. I noticed that the gruesome image of the boy's death started at the 13:00 mark. Surprisingly good timing there sir!

rutana said...

2 minutes in - noticed JesuOtaku's laughter :D

Awesome review, I had to laugh so hard... XD
(and screaming "HOW?!" to the screen at the carcrash result... seriously!? XD)

Nick Michalak said...

Oh shit, it's Reverse Youngblood's Disease!

VERY FUNNY live show!

Applause for Snowflame!

You could name the Shadow Creature after the old announcer on Hollywood Squares - Shadoe Stevens.

james cousins said...

Many Questions!

First: (this was asked but skipped for some reason) Moarte (sic) knows about Linkara, but how much does Linkara know about him, if he is even aware.
Second: does the fact that The Gunslinger got "Shadoe Stevens", (I second that name BTW Nick), mean that the magic guns have different powers/spells/abilities? and are They all taken from Champions who happen to be comic nerds?

Ryan said...

Great review, liked the Q&A too.

Will Snowflame ever review a comic?

Dragons Dusk said...

I would also buy a Harvey Finevoice Christmas album. Incidentally, do you need music without vocals that's a specific release (like publicly available) or just minus the vocals?

I've got an album of strings only versions of songs, no idea if it would work, used to play the flute in band, never sang for anything in public. ;)

Wonder how much storyline/filming you could get done if you clones yourself, though that would probably be a whole other complication I'm sure, like who would get the Zeonizer(forgive I spelled that wrong).

Loved the review, it's always awesome when the audience is really into it. That was hella creepy though, yikes!

The boyfriend wanting to dig the guy up to stake him reminds me of a line from 'Dracula: Dead and Loving It' something to the effect from Van Hellsing of "I don't want to hurt her just cut off her head and put a stake in her heart."

Bazookoidben said...

Oh god was this hilarious. Always great to see the crowd get into a live show like this. You got some great fans Lewis!

Of course a stake wouldn't work! You need to salt and burn the remains. Duh!

It's fun to see manga like this on special occasions. I really got some big laughs out of this review, probably one of the best live ones just for how goofy the source material is!

Rhodoferax said...

I'm surprised nobody at an anime convention pointed out that the guy becoming a human jack in the box is based on the folklore of the jiang shi, or Chinese vampire (1 2). Even his cause of death is appropriate.

Daniel T. Stack said...

The Spine explanation would have been great with how much twisting and spiraling there already is in the series. Why did they have to NERF it in the story?

Maybe the album could be Harvey-oke Singing some standards from many years to Karaoke tracks.

Maybe I could even dig up some Karaoke songs... ::checking:: Yep, I found a couple sing along Karaoke CD's Not sure if they are the right range but your audio software can be used to change the key so it could work out just fine. If they still play. My mom left them with me because they didn't have CDG and she got a new Karaoke system that used it.

It could even work in the Story Line. Harvey ended up going out to do a singing tour. Even Rick Astley is doing some Christmas standards in his tours lately.

BookwormOtaku said...

You know when the manga introduced Mitsuru, I couldn't help but think of this:


13th Doctor said...

Hey. Sorry I haven't commented in a while. Really enjoyed this live show. The jokes were really spot-on especially about that stalker kid. It is amazing that the gore can be simultaneously disturbing and goofy.

Why do you think your hatred for One More Day is irrational? Your reasons are perfectly valid and it's not like it is a polarizing work (unless I am mistaken).

In regards to your comments on the storyline, yeah, your probably already know what I said about the "Linkara turning evil" idea. It turned out ok though I still think that maybe the folks at tvtropes got to you. Have you seen Linkara's character sheet? They call your character "sinisterly sociopathic". Bit harsh, even for him.

Great solo at the end.

Daniel T. Stack said...

Looks like between these old Karaoke disks I have Accompaniment for White Christmas, We Three Kings, O Come All Ye Faithful, Away in a Manger, What Child is This, O Holy Night, Deck the Halls, Angels We Have Heard On High, Silent Night, O Little Town of Bethlehem, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, The First Noel

And on the other disk in Mono due to Split Track Steal Away, Jesus on the Waterside, Peace Like a River, Heaven, Oh Peter Ring Dem Bells, Gospel Train, Jacob's Ladder, Michael Row The Boat, Go Down Moses, Listen to the Lambs, Kum By Yah, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Be Thou My Vision, Motherless Child, Jesus Loves Me, What a Friend we have in Jesus, He's Got the Whole World, Amazing Grace. But the split track ones are in a fairly high key arranged for children to sing along with.

So if you'd be interested in me sending copies along for you to see if they would work out I could E-Mail or Snail Mail Spokavriel @ yahoo. com without spaces of course. Sending digitally would be quickest.

Blackcat325 said...

Great show - thank you for posting these! Also, as someone who generally doesn't like the gruesome parts, thanks for the warnings.... although I have to say, both times I ended up looking anyway because I had to see what the hell everyone found so funny :)

Second best part of the Q&A (after the song) = Will's Snowflame ideas. Awesome!

Panel Panel said...

I liked Jack in the Box. It certainly is the weakest of the first two volumes.
The third volume still falls apart for me. Some of it has creepy undertones, but...it lacks the punch of the first two.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"I liked Jack in the Box. It certainly is the weakest of the first two volumes.
The third volume still falls apart for me. Some of it has creepy undertones, but...it lacks the punch of the first two."

I maintain that "Medusa" is the weakest. Jack-in-the-Box at least has some creepy imagery near the end. Medusa is just... silly.

Panel Panel said...

"I maintain that "Medusa" is the weakest. Jack-in-the-Box at least has some creepy imagery near the end. Medusa is just... silly."

Maybe, but since I only read Uzumaki after I saw the video, I attribute some of the lack of punch for me in volume one to having a basic idea where things went. Though I do thank you for keeping out the best bits from the video.

Ashley said...

oh man. even now i can't quite find a way to put my excitement into words. even when exiting things happen, I normally just emit this soft but high pitch "eeeeeeeeeeee" sound.

Thank you for picking me for the last question. I wasn't sure I was going to be there till the end, let alone get a question in. I even left in the middle there to check on my ride situation. don't worry. it all worked out.

I smiled so hard when you sang! I even got jelly legs for a bit there. Thank you again.

I still smile big when I re-watch it :)

Ming said...

Wow, this story from Uzumaki is goofy, even with those disturbing imagery.

Anyway, great live review. I see you dressed up as Harvey Finevoice.

E. Wilson said...

I'm actually going to give Vampire-slaying Boyfriend some credit: clearly, he's figured out that weird stuff is going down in this town, and is taking precautions. Just, you know, for the wrong type of monster.

And perhaps it's just me, but I wish people wouldn't scream comments at the stage while you're doing your shows. It bothers me as a viewer of the video, and it bothers me as a member of an audience. (Although I haven't had the pleasure of seeing one of your shows in particular.)

I'm there to listen to the performer on the stage, not the random guy in seat 37B.

Anonymous said...

How much of your routine do you have to change for a live format? Besides waiting for people to stop randomly throwing out their own comments do you have to change jokes to be done live?

Darn. I just realized that I should have recommended you use the manga Parasyte for Moarte's reviews, it's a nice mix of action and psychological thriller.

Anonymous said...

You mentioned doing the Marvel Zombies stories. I think you should check out the MARVEL ZOMBIES HALLOWEEN by FRED VAN LENTE one-shot that came out this year. It's actually a really sweet story. (I know what you're thinking, a sweet story involving Zombies? Trust me on this one.)
It also has Zombie Mettle and Zombie Squirrel Girl.